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Pearl Harbor Gift Guide

November 29, 2021
Pearl Harbor and Aviation Themed Gifts for the Whole Family

Help support Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum with your holiday purchases this year by purchasing the best Pearl Harbor and aviation themed gifts for the whole family in our Crazy Shirt collaboration, AmazonSmile, and in person at our gift store!

Below you will find the top three ways to get your Pearl Harbor gear this Holiday Season!

#1: Limited edition crazyshirts

Go Crazy this holiday season by ordering your loved ones an exclusive, limited-edition Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum t-shirt online while supplies last! Order online and have shipped to your door. Ten percent of every purchase goes to Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum to steward our WWII battlefield.

Pearl Harbor Birdseye View T-Shirt

Featuring a birds eye view of the attack on Pearl Harbor, this image shows what the pilots in the air saw on that historic day.

Swamp Ghost T-Shirt

This T-shirt displays Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum's B-17 Swamp Ghost, which lay in a remote swamp for half a century.

TBM Avenger T-Shirt

This image features a Grumman Avenger, which was an important torpedo bomber and close air support during WWII.

F Series T-Shirt

This t-shirt features an American flag made out of American F series aircraft, most of which can be seen at Pearl harbor Aviation Museum.

80th Anniversary T-Shirt

Featuring the iconic control tower on Ford Island, this image depicts the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

F-14 Tomcat T-Shirt

Featuring the F-14 Tomcat, this image honors the men and women who have served our nation by flying these impressive fighter jets.

#2: AmazonSmile

Help support Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum by purchasing the perfect WWII or aviation themed present for everyone on AmazonSmile!

Activate AmazonSmile on your phone and select Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum as your favorite charity. A total of 0.5% of all your purchases will automatically be donated to the Museum at no cost to you. 

#3: Visit our Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Gift Shop

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum's giftshop is the perfect place to purchase your favorite WWII aviation themed gear! T-shirts, mugs, hats, bomber jackets, magnets, key chains, challenge coins, and so much more. Below is some of the exclusive Museum merchandise available when you stop by!

P-40 Flying Tigers Hoodie and Hat
Hoodie - $69.00 | Hat - $30.00

This Flying Tiger set is the perfect gift for all aviation enthusiasts! Hat and Hoodie sold separately.

Museum Cap/Tee Combo

This cotton t-shirt and cap combo is the perfect gift for Pearl Harbor and aviation enthusiasts! Combo offered in both adult and child sizes.

Swamp Ghost Hoodie

This hoodie features the iconic logo from our B-17 Swamp Ghost, which lay in 5 feet of water for more than a half-century.

Pearl Harbor Iconic Tote

This Pearl Harbor iconic tote bag features the Ford Island Control Tower, B-17, and P-40 aircraft. 

Pearl Harbor Key Chains and Pins

This is just a glimpse at the key chain and pin collection available for purchase at the Museum. Pins and key chains feature our iconic aircraft and control tower.

Control Tower and Museum Mugs

These mugs feature the iconic Ford Island Control Tower at Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and are perfect for coffee lovers.

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