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Refuel at our Hangar Café!

October 19, 2022

After a few hours of historical site-seeing and strolling outdoors in the Hawaiian sun, everyone wants the same thing; a cool spot inside to sit down, a cold refreshing drink, and a bite to eat to satisfy their hunger. That is exactly what we can offer you at Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum!

The newly branded Hangar Café is located inside our Historic Hangar 37 and is open daily from 11am-3pm. Due to our location on an active military base, Ford Island, visitors access our Museum via free shuttle service, straight to our front doors. You will then find the entrance to the café just a few steps inside the Museum where you will be greeted with cool A/C, retro décor, many tables to choose from, and a fresh new menu!

Our café staff have been hard at work creating an updated and elevated menu, with excellent food options for many dietary needs, to better suit the Museum and our guests. The talented café staff launched the new Hangar Café menu June of this summer. Some of the most popular new items are:

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Proud Bird Hawaiian Chicken Bites- Tempura battered chicken bites, deep fried and served with our house made guava bbq sauce. Served with french fries or fresh fruit.

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Commander's Hawaiian Cobb Salad- Island mixed greens, romaine lettuce, hard boiled egg, avocado, carrot spirals, topped with guava smoked meat and sauteed sweet onions, served with papaya seed dressing.

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Hawaii 5-O Kalua Pig Wrap- Fresh island braised pork paired with house made pineapple coleslaw, drizzled with guava bbq sauce, served in a tortilla wrap.

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House Made Vegan Chili Rice Bowl- served with 2 scoops of white rice, and a choice of island style mac salad, side salad, or kim chee.

Formerly called Lankiakea Café, the name Hangar Café was chosen through an all staff contest, in which, Dave Zuls, Senior Marketing Manager, suggested the winning pick. “The name would need to be easy to remember, and describe the experience we offer. We wanted a name that helps visitors understand that the cafe is part of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum experience. We also wanted a name that highlights the uniqueness of the café’s location. And luckily for us, the location of our café is so unique and iconic that it doesn't need a very clever name. Calling the place 'The Hangar Café' also helps make it easy and intuitive for customers to find, which is always a plus,” explains Zuls.

Coming in early 2023, visitors will be able to order ahead of time through our mobile ordering service. For those conveniently working or living on Ford Island, this service will help for a nice lunch break meal or a busy week night dinner. Our visiting guests are encouraged to preorder while enjoying the other sites, and have their freshly made meal ready for them upon arrival.

While planning your tour of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites, it is worth noting that food and drink options are limited across all the different sites. Our Hangar Café is the only sit-down restaurant with A/C, food, and adult beverages you’ll find at any of the Pearl Harbor destinations throughout your day of site-seeing. Members of the Museum, military and kamaaina will receive a discount of 20% off their orders.

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We hope you join us at the Hangar Café soon, and in the meantime, view the entire upgraded menu here:

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