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Fighter Ace 360 Flight Simulator

ファイターエース360 フライトシミュレーター

Only 150 tickets available per day to Oahu’s hottest new attraction!

Take to the skies in Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum’s state-of-the-art 360-degree flight simulators and experience aviation like never before. Our Fighter Ace 360 Flight Simulators can roll, somersault, spin and loop at your take the controls.

Our heart-thumping dogfight in a P-38 over tropical waters in Thunder in the Pacific gives visitors a glimpse at the life of a real Pacific aviator’s life in the 1940s, as they flew and fought in the Pacific Theater.

Fighter Ace 360 Flight Simulators seat two. Did you travel with your copilot? We’ll make sure you fly together! Each seat has control of the aircraft’s weapon systems, but the flight control is shared between the two seats. Guests are able to purchase a premium ticket to Fighter Ace 360 to ensure total control over the simulator’s movements.


Divide and Conquer – $10.70 per person
One seat in the two-seater Fighter Ace 360

Own the Skies – $21.40 per person
Premium ticket guaranteeing exclusive solo flight

Only 150 tickets are available per day.

Tickets are only available at the front desk or the kiosk in front of the simulators
in Hangar 37,
and are available on a first-come, first serve basis. 

All guests must observe and follow all rules and regulations. The ride does go upside down. Guests should not ride if they have a health condition that will expose them to risk in a high-movement environment. Visitors must be 48 inches tall to fly solo or 42 inches tall to ride with an adult. Maximum weight limit for the Fighter Ace 360 Flight Simulator is 500 pounds. Single riders may not exceed 250 pounds.

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